The State of California has to prove that you commited this crime beyond a reasonable doubt. You are Innocent until proven Guilty.


Many people think the game is over when they are arrested. They are wrong. That is when everything begins. Your fight for your freedom starts as soon as law enforcement talks to you and ends upon being found not guilty or the entering into a plea bargain. Our attorneys at Taylor Solano & Associates will be there at every step to defend your consitutional rights.

Remember, in this country there is a consitutional presumption that you are innocent until proven guilty. We have to stress again: YOU ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

The State of California must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you commited the crime. This means the State has to jump through the hoops to prove that you commited every element of the crime. What's more, they need to show that every law and consitutional right was respected and not violated when they first had contact with you, when they questioned you, when they conducted their investigation, when they arrested you, and when they conducted their prosecution of you.

There are many things that law enforcement does or does not do which make their case against you weak, which will allow us to get charges reduced, changed, and even dismissed.

At Taylor Solano & Associates we go through your case with a fine tooth comb to find any violation of the law and your consitutional rights. Our main goals are to get cases dismissed or get the best possible deal for you. We are dedicated to you


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