After many people review the possible sentencing as it relates to their charge, they tend to start thinking the worse outcome possible. Don't worry. Relax. You have not lost your case. You are still fighting it. You might have a very good chance at beating the case. Remember there is a huge gap between the lower end of the sentence to the higher end of the sentence.

For example, look at the sentence for a 1st DUI. It ranges from 48 hours to 6 months jail time. That is a huge gap. Your case, if we can not get the charges dismissed will end up anywhere between the two extremes depending on the circumstances of your case and your prior criminal record. We tend to get very good deals for our clients.


The State can enhance your penalties for a variety of reasons, such as, to list a few:

1. Having a high blood alcohol level,
2. Speeding,
3. Being under the age of 21,
4. Driving with a minor child, and
5. Refusing to take tests


No. Not all the time. There are sentencing alternatives where you can serve your time without stepping foot in a jail. Such as:

1. Community Service,
2. Electronic Monitoring, with the ability to continue working,
3. Inpatient Drug and Alcohol treatment,
4. Outpatient Drug and Alcohol treatment, and
5. Other Judicial Approved activities.

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